Chetan Sevashram Sangha
4 Days Humanity Development Workshop

4 Days Humanity Development Workshop

4 days Humanity Development Training at Nibedita Sishu Tirtha at Gobardanga, N.24 Pgs, West Bengal.

An utmost important and essential part of education is to arouse holy consciousness in men. Humanity development training is an art of drawing humanity among children. It aims at moulding the character of the children and encompasses their physical, mental and spiritual development. It also makes the children aware about the society they live in, the critical understanding of men about women’s value as well as the total degradation of humanity.

The children are taught the qualities of a human being and how to assimilate them, agonies of childlabourers, beauty and dignity of women, influence of professional life on personal life, meditation, vadic prayer & inspiring songs, yogasana, karate, dance etc.

The training was conducted for 4 days from 22nd to 25th December, 2017 at Nibedita Sishu Tirtha in Gobardanga. In fact, it was designed for 3 days but the huge interest of the students compelled this training to extend for one more day. 100 students from Media Girls’ High School, Charghat Girls’ High School, Ichhapur MNGS Girls’ High School and Khantura Girls’ High School participated in this training.