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Humanity Development
Humanity Development

Humanity Development

The goal of the Sangha is to attain Humanity and help others to attain humanity. We want to convey this message to all that we are born only with human soul and we have to try hard to attain the human qualities like honesty, forgiveness, patience, love, respect, patriotism, discipline, obedience and so on; otherwise we are nothing but thoughtful higher animals look like human being. We bring this message to the students in form of a training called Humanity Development Training Programme where several topics are discussed which are not included in their school, college or university curriculum but are utterly important to instil moral values. To develop sound physical and mental health we educate them with yogasanas, pranayam, meditation, karate, music, recitation, drama, dance etc. leading to the same goal of attaining humanity.

We have designed this programme in 4 ways:

  • Humanity Development Training for Seven Days
  • One-Day Humanity Development Workshop
  • Monthly One-Day Humanity Development Workshop
  • Quarterly Seminar on Humanity Development at Ananda Niketan, Head Office

Seven days training are conducted during summer vacation and Christmas vacation. One Day Humanity Development Workshop we conduct throughout the year particularly on holidays, Monthly One-Day Humanity Development Workshop is conducted specially on one particular Sunday in one month. Students are invited from several districts to participate in Seminar on Humanity Development which is held at Ananda Niketan, head office of Chetan Sevashram Sangha.

However, the ray of hope comes when we find many students who have received humanity development training are trying hard to build their moral characters in a wonderful way.